Safeguard your organization from human-centered cyberattacks

Social Engineering

Social engineering attacks exploit human psychology to manipulate individuals into revealing sensitive information or granting unauthorized access to systems. Our social engineering testing services assess your organization’s susceptibility to these attacks and provide comprehensive training to help your employees recognize and resist such deception.

Parabellyx are experts in running complex campaigns using multiple communication vectors and custom-designed entrapments that simulate a real-world campaign by a highly motivated and technically advanced threat actor. In addition to complex campaign designs and execution, we monitor and report on metrics that allow customer cybersecurity teams to tune their protection and security awareness programs to protect employees and high-value targets based on their roles.

Our Social Engineering Approach

Phishing Simulation

Phishing attacks are among the most common forms of social engineering, targeting employees through fraudulent emails, texts, or websites. Parabellyx phishing simulation service replicates these attacks, providing real-world scenarios to measure your employees’ ability to identify and report phishing attempts. Our detailed reports identify areas for improvement and inform targeted training efforts.

Vishing (Voice Phishing) Simulation

Vishing, or voice phishing, uses phone calls to deceive employees into revealing sensitive information or performing actions that compromise security. Our vishing simulation service tests your employees’ ability to recognize and respond to these attacks, helping to mitigate this often-overlooked risk.

Physical Security Assessment

Social engineering attacks can also involve physical intrusion attempts, such as tailgating or impersonating authorized personnel. Parabellyx physical security assessment evaluates your organization’s vulnerability to these threats by simulating unauthorized access attempts and testing the effectiveness of your access controls and security procedures.

Multi-vector Attack Simulations

Real-life adversaries develop complex targeted campaigns that use multiple vectors of attack to get to a high-value target in your company. Parabellyx social engineering and ethical hacking team can develop and execute these scenarios to test advanced social engineering defense, efficiency of security awareness training, and incident response.

Partner with us to protect your organization from the ever-present threat of social engineering attacks. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you strengthen your human firewall and maintain a robust security posture.

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