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Cloud Security

In the modern workplace, collaboration, remote access and a distributed network make secure remote access more critical than ever before. When we discuss remote endpoints, we are referring to the vast number of people who are using their personal or corporate devices, on multiple networks across the world to conduct business. Having a strategic cybersecurity strategy that ensures identity and data security in this globally-distributed network is critical.

Parabellyx is here to assist you in this cyber-transformation. Our team has developed an agile model, capable of customizing the right identity and endpoint strategy to meet your business needs.

Our Cloud Strategies

Our Cloud Security Services enable an automatic deployment and management of cloud-native security solutions for greater cost efficiency, faster detection and quicker response.

Process and Protocols

The right strategic architecture and design are critical for any cloud-based deployment as anyone can access the applications from any device, at any time, from anywhere in the world. Additional controls must be managed for an application in the cloud compared to a more traditional environment.

Parabellyx can assist your company in adopting the cloud for internal or public-facing applications. Our team is experienced in:

  • Strategic and technical architectural design
  • Administering identities
  • Entitlements
  • Web application firewalls
  • Denial of service protection
  • Container security
  • Internal application authentication
  • Structuring proper access to data

We help ensure that everyone who touches your applications is safe, and we prevent those who shouldn’t be accessing them from being able to breach your applications in the first place.

Managed Cloud Security Services

In a remote world, you need to ensure that your entire network is monitored and up-to-date on the right security protocols needed to keep your organization safe. Parabellyx provides your entire organization with a pipeline of automated tools and processes to build and deploy security protocols across all your environmental controls and components, wherever they are located.

This is a critical deployment when people are creating remote environments for applications, firewall rules, various management accounts, different security credentials or other systems entirely. In many cases, when you serve them the environment, those configurations do not call up their main protocols or connect properly with other established systems.

Worse, when your team looks back on a spiderweb of systems, they don’t always know why they’ve put certain systems together in the first place. This creates a potential issue where the rules established in one system start interfering with other configurations, resulting in a security compromise for the entire company.

Cloud Information Protection

The idea that data or other information in the cloud is accessible from any device, anytime and anywhere in the world is frightening. That’s why Parabellyx wants to make sure that this information is protected and can only be seen and used by authorized individuals and applications.

Our team helps companies go through a critical paradigm shift from manual management of access to data to automated information protection rules based on templates. Think about how often you copy and move information around. Our goal is to make sure that the information stays protected, wherever it goes. This requires an automated system capable of verifying the access permissions for the users against the information and data that they are accessing.


The team at Parabellyx starts by understanding your requirements for any access to information, as well as the encryption requirements when people do get access to that data. This allows us to create the right protection template to be applied to the information whenever you copy it or move it, so that the storage bucket containing this information and the security systems attached to it always move with the data. We then validate the permissions protection template, so information stays the same, even if somebody attempts to change it manually.

Cloud Security Automation

Cloud security automation is another paradigm shift from non-cloud environments. The fact is that you shouldn’t be touching any configurations in the cloud by hand.

Automation not only guarantees the consistent security of information itself but also significantly reduces your cloud costs. If you’re doing things manually, like adjusting resources up and down based on demand or configuring anything through the console, you are incurring substantial additional costs that can be avoided as well as increasing the likelihood of being breached. Our team can set up secure automated processes to manage your cloud architecture and deployment requirements more efficiently.

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