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Application Security

Your business runs on applications that need to be accessible by customers and employees anytime, from any device, and often from anywhere in the world. As businesses recognize that the data security perimeter of their environments is frequently within their applications, they begin to understand that there needs to be more security around the development of those applications. When an organization is developing an application, it’s important that they have security tools in place as part of the frameworks and pipelines for building those applications. Parabellyx maintains strong experience helping developers establish more secure products.

Our Application Strategies

We take the new approach to discover and prioritize the remediation of application vulnerabilities and help application development to embrace zero-trust and security-by design frameworks.

Web Application Security Assessments

Most modern business enterprises use web applications internally and externally as part of their business operations. Anything publicly exposed can be breached, and this can:

  • Damage the company’s brand reputation
  • Disrupt or negatively affect business operations
  • Expose private customer or employee information
  • Expose financial transactions
  • Permit intellectual property loss

Web application security assessments allow companies to uncover those risks before their adversaries do.

Our framework involves a structured testing approach of both the applications and hosting environments, executing a series of highly-customized automated and manual tests to document anything that can be exposed in terms of security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. We pay particular attention to data disclosure and any issues that could affect privacy or confidential data.

Our approach is unique because we don’t simply inform you of the vulnerabilities, we use a 360-degree report card that assesses both the impact of the breach and the probability of occurrence. We provide you with full regression testing to confirm that the vulnerability is fully remediated rather than changed in the exploitation method. This saves you time and money by focusing on the issues that are most likely to cause harm to your company.

Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing (SAST & DAST)

It’s critical to select and implement static and dynamic application security testing throughout all stages of development, from the testing environment to the production environment.

SAST/DAST (Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing) is a way of scanning application security while it is in development. This is extremely important because security becomes a part of the process itself for software development, mitigating the risk of future breaches.

Parabellyx can help your company to create and install static and dynamic application security testing tools, allowing our testing to happen automatically and frequently, while establishing a strong security mindset for your programmers. If issues are found through our testing environment, our team then works with your programmers to correct the issues long before a breach can ever occur within your system.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD Security)

CI/CD security is the idea that you don’t develop software over long iterations, but you work and deploy features and fixes to the software over time—from several weeks to as little as a few days. This speed, however, creates potential bugs and security threats, so CI/CD is the process that enables software developers to release things fast but securely.

Our CI/CD approach at Parabellyx recognizes that your development speed means that you need to incorporate intelligent automation processes into the production schedule. This allows you to strategically automate all the various components where you have security sensitivities in your software and environments, including identities, secrets, protection rules, security certificates and security configurations.

These configurations allow for testing scenarios to be continually and automatically driven with a go/no-go decision matrix that lets developers know if they can continue to move forward to the next stage of production, or if they need to stop a launch based on a potential issue that has been found. The CI/CD approach allows for you to see whether you can create the adequate security configuration for every single feature or release and validating that it follows certain established security standards before the next stage can be implemented.

Software Security Development Protocols

Often, when companies are building complex software systems, information security is an afterthought. A proactive stance is more important than ever as complex applications are being built. Parabellyx can help your company organize its development process with a core strategic security mindset.

We understand that it’s difficult to implement security measures when you’re struggling to make a product, but a good solid architectural approach focused on security reduces future threats, helps ensure greater scalability and saves you the cost of redeveloping your software after a breach occurs.

Our team can map out a software development process to build your pipeline’s security from development to QA to Production. We educate and work with your entire team to recognize security as part of their role in the build. We help them to understand the various tools, capabilities and processes that they need to adapt to ensure that applications are delivered in a secure fashion from top to bottom.

Training and Support

It’s critical that developers understand the potential security risks they may encounter during their development effort. This is why Parabellyx has created training courses to help developers understand the need to build better and more secure software.

Not only does this decrease your staff turnover rates, but it allows you to get more out of your development budgets.

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