Customized cybersecurity strategies

Parabellyx is a leading North American cyber-strategy firm focused on the new security perimeter.

While a traditional server and systems-driven infrastructure is still important and must be secured, new threats face modern business enterprises as they move toward mobile and web applications in the cloud.

These threats have created a modern security perimeter that requires different cyber-strategies than implementations in the past. Our team and services have evolved to meet these new threats.

Application Security

We take the new approach to discover and prioritize the remediation of application vulnerabilities and help application development to embrace zero-trust and security-by design frameworks.

Cloud Security

Our Cloud Security Services enable an automatic deployment and management of cloud-native security solutions for greater cost efficiency, faster detection and quicker response.

Infrastructure & Data Security

The old perimeter isn't obsolete, so our team brings expertise in assessing, penetrating and protecting the servers, firewalls and data that your enterprise depends on.

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