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Parabellyx are application security experts in the cloud-native world

Businesses run on applications and need a cybersecurity strategy to protect these over the entire lifecycle – development, assurance, and operations. This is where Parabellyx comes in with a cyberstrategy framework that views applications as business-critical aspects and services that are design to help businesses to develop and run applications securely on premise and in major public cloud environments.

Traditional security approaches focus on creating a perimeter protection around applications. This is understandable, as majority of security specialists have no software development background or experience necessary to understand the internal design of applications. Lack of the expertise is hindering the adoption of an internal zero trust approach to application security.

Parabellyx has developed a number of services, supporting software developers and security teams to ingrain security-by-design into the development process, implement continuous security testing and assurance, and manage operational security of applications.

As organizations recognize the benefits of application modernization and a cloud-native approach, Parabellyx supports organizations through cloud security expertise and portfolio of products and services that simplify cloud security management and break out of cloud security expertise availability constraints.

We are the trusted application and cloud-focused security partner for many successful Canadian and US organizations.

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Parabellyx Leadership Team

Our leadership understands that digital transformation requires modern cybersecurity strategies. Being prepared is the difference between who wins and who loses.

Alexander Poizner


Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Chief Cyber Strategist

After more than 20 years in cybersecurity, Alexander has proved himself as an accomplished cybersecurity leader, strategist, writer and public speaker. An expert in security strategy, management, architecture and governance, Alexander co-founded Parabellyx as a multi-disciplinary cybersecurity services company with a future-forward mentality. He recognized that standard cybersecurity requirements are still important, but he also saw an evolution away from a contained infrastructure toward a new cloud-based perimeter that requires new cyber solutions to maintain security.

Specialties Include:
Security Strategy, Cyber Resilience, Cyber Risk, Digital Transformation Security, Hybrid Cloud Security, Lean Security Operations, Continuous Improvement, Regulatory Compliance, Agile.

“Bad actors haven’t changed, but how and where they attack you has changed dramatically. Parabellyx understands this, and that’s why our team is trained to defend a modern business enterprise.”

Eric Matthews


Chief Technology Officer
& Co-Chief Cyber Strategist

Over 20 years of progressive cybersecurity service delivery and leadership responsibilities have helped to shape Eric as an inspiring Cyber Thought Leader, Ethical Hacker and consultant. He believes strongly that cybersecurity must be considered a basic building block for any modern business enterprise and that executives must understand the dangers posed by the new security perimeter caused by the digital transformation to the cloud.

Specialties Include:
Application Security, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Red Team, Firewall & Network Architecture, Web Application Firewalls, IOT Security, Security Strategy, Blue Team & Defensive Technologies.

“Applications have changed the cybersecurity perimeter dramatically. If you don’t understand how to secure a modern cloud-based enterprise, you, your people and your data are never going to be secure.”

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