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Building a cybersecurity team takes talent, but it starts with a well-defined strategy

You might think that a starting point for building a cybersecurity team would be to hire a technical system administrator to oversee security systems or a cybersecurity generalist who understands cybersecurity compliance and governance. We would like to suggest a...

Who should conduct a Cybersecurity Self-Assessment?

Almost everyone in your organization. We understand this may sound crazy, but your cybersecurity stance isn’t just about computers, applications and IT. It also involves privacy policies, terms and conditions, marketing outreach and anything that gathers or maintains data about...

What’s the difference between a cybersecurity audit and a risk assessment?

Plenty. Although it is easy to confuse a cybersecurity risk-assessment with a cybersecurity audit, they are very different procedures, completed for different reasons. So, let’s remove some confusion to help companies better understand the differences. A risk assessment is essentially...

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